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About Vicki

Meet Vicki - the woman behind Inspiring Hearts. Since a young adult, Vicki has struggled with depression and has found that having positive, encouraging words for her to read throughout the day has helped shift her mindset. 

She gathered a group of her favorites for the new entrepreneur, who is wondering how they are going to get it all done, wondering if they should keep moving, wondering if they made a mistake. The answer of course is yes they can, yes they should, and absolutely not. 

Being a mom, she knows how impactful the teenage years can be, so she created a set dedicated to the teenage years. 

She loves the creative process of creating the cards and is so excited to share her creations with you. 

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Vicki and her husband reside in Idaho. She has three children, 2 teenagers and an adult child (who she will admit that her umbilical cord is still attached, and she's not even mad about it). She also has a Yorkie named Max, who is basically human and follows her everywhere! 

She and her husband own a custom cabinet door shop and she loves the creative and design aspect of her job - which has led her to creating these beautiful cards. 

Meditation is part of her daily practice - even though sitting still doesn't always come easy, it has helped ease her anxiety and depression. 

Helping others fills her cups - seeing a smile on a friend's face after some words of encouragement brings her so much joy. She's continuing to spread happiness and inspiration to others with her mindset cards. 

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