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Zipper pulls or keychains

motivational Mindset cards

Mindset is EVERYTHING! Whether you think you can or you can''re right!


Mindset transformation cards help you stay in the right headspace to accomplish anything you want. 


Inspiring Hearts has created sets of motivational cards for different ages, and stages in life. These motivational cards are perfect little reminders to shift your mindset.


All sets include a stand of your choice.


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"Your mind is a powerful thing. Fill it with positive thoughts and you will have a positive attitude."

Card sets include a stand of your choice - making it easy to display your cards in a place where you can see it every day. Swap them out daily, weekly or whenever you need a little motivation. 

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About Us

Inspire. Someone. Today

Hi, I'm Vicki, the creator of Inspiring Hearts.


Being the fat kid in school was rough! It also led to depression. I needed a way to boost my mood.
I found that writing down positive quotes and affirmations helped me with my mindset.


I found myself writing quotes EVERYWHERE. 

I've put together my favorites to help you stay

in the right mindset to make the most of everyday!  



I've created these cards for you to place around the house as reminders, to journal about, talk to kids about, or just to see everyday to stay positive and motivated.


Our motivational mindset cards have been created to help in all your stages of life. Sets are limited in quantity and new sets will be released often. 


We also include stands that the cards can be displayed in with each purchase.


Grab a set for your office, your teenager's bathroom, or as a gift for your girlfriend who has just started her business or for your any occasion that requires a reminder to stay positive. 

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